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Ask Attorney General Construction is a full array of licensed contractors creating customized online estimates.

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What Do I Need to Do?

Receiving an online estimate is simple, all you need to do is follow the steps to get your online estimate started below.

How to get your online estimate started:

1.) Specify the category that fits your needs and provide a brief description of your intended vision (scope of work)
2.) Provide measurements required (height, width, and length)
3.) Take a minimum of 6 pictures from all angles- top, bottom, both sides (left and right), front, back

How is it going to help me?

Based on the information you provide us we will then create a detailed estimate of your project which will give you a perfect idea of how much your project will cost. The packages we offer include anything from labor rates and material costs to mark-ups, all neatly composed in an easy format. The calculated information you will receive is intended to be used as a platform for your project. If we can’t see it in the pictures then a contractor could not see them in person. We always add a 15% markup to the estimate for unforeseen costs, contingencies, or change orders. Our affordable services also provide you with a construction consultant for any concerns or questions you may need answered.

Ask Attorney General Construction is your construction project resource for ALL of your online estimating needs.
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